Ad Policy

Mobile Solution provides a service that allows you to advertise your websites through our apps and services.

  1. Subject of the Agreement
    1. You can order service by placing your url in our database.
    2. We undertakes to add your url to its database, and you undertakes to pay a certain amount of money for it in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
    3. The service in automatical mode generates metadata that will be associated with your link.
    4. Based on the matadata will be generated advertising banners that will be displayed in our mobile applications, search, forecasts, services, artificial intelligence.
    5. Banners will be displayed for 5 days from the moment the link is added.
    6. Display intervals will depend on system load, queuing, or if the algorithm determines that the ads match user queries.
    7. Metadata is generated once when it is added to our database.
    8. Once the link has been added to the database, the service is considered to have been rendered.
    9. Further, the ads will be managed automatically, you will not be able to influence its behavior.
  2. Order formation
    1. You expresses his intention to order service under the terms of the agreement by placing an order in the online store or mobile application.
    2. Placing an order means that you has received all the necessary and interesting information.
    3. You places an order through the interface of the online store or mobile application.
  3. Price and payment procedure
    1. Prices for services valid at the moment of order formation are indicated in the payment system.
    2. The order is paid through electronic payment systems.
    3. The url is added to the database only after receiving payment confirmation from the payment system.
  4. Limitations
    1. Must be provided a direct and valid link without redirects.
    2. Ads for adult material, weapons, casinos, bookmakers, politics, religion, drugs, alcohol, malicious applications and viruses are prohibited.
    3. In case of violation of the rules, your ad will be blocked without a refund.
  5. Other conditions
    1. You have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.
    3. You must not prevent the link from being indexed and crawled, otherwise we will not be able to provide quality services.
    4. The service is not uninterrupted or error-free, but we undertake to take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure the continued availability of the service.